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How long does Super Analytics take to gather data?
How long does Super Analytics take to gather data?

Super Analytics takes about an hour to gather enough data to show the first charts and statistics. Quiet sites can take a little longer.

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You've enabled Super Analytics! Now, how long do you have to wait to see those lovely stats?

The "Gathering Data" message will appear after you've enabled Analytics for the first time. We'll start gathering stats about the traffic on your site straight away, but it takes a while for a meaningful amount of data to be gathered before we can start displaying charts.

For most sites, this is about an hour, but it can take longer on quiet sites.

How to make it go faster?

There's nothing to be done to be able to make the initial data gathering go faster. We recommend that you check back again tomorrow.

What to do if you've waited more than 24 hours?

Contact support so we can check your site and the analytics configuration. Please advise support when you activated Super analytics and on which site.

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