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How to Extend and Enhance your Site with Some Common Integrations
How to Extend and Enhance your Site with Some Common Integrations

Like Notion, Super supports many third-party tools and integrations to take your site to the next level.

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Using website integrations

Website integrations or third-party tools can turn a simple Notion page into a powerful, automated site. The best part is you can manage all your content and integrations in one place — in Notion alongside everything you use the app for already.

The following are some examples of how you could use integrations:

  • Turn your website into a paid membership site

  • Embed files, projects, and other assets

  • Add Typeform or Tally forms

  • Sell online using Gumroad integration

  • Embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo

  • Show your favorite or best-performing Tweet on your site

See below some common integrations to enhance your site if you’re looking to embed third-party tools into your site. This is not the complete list, though. We regularly add new features and tools you can integrate, so keep checking back for updates in our roadmap. If there is a feature you would like to see added, fill in our contact form below the roadmap — we love to hear your comments.

Add Google maps to your site

If you run a business, for example, a physical store, you may want to show users where to find you. With the Google Maps embed, you can show the exact location:

  1. Go to Google Maps and locate the address you want to share

  2. Either click on your business Google Maps profile or left-click on the map to drop a pin and click on the address window that appears bottom of the map

  3. Click the Share icon

  4. Copy the link for sharing

  5. Head back into your Notion page and type /Google where you want to place the map

  6. Select Google Maps

  7. Paste the link you copied from Google Maps. That’s it! Site visitors can now see the embedded map on your site and easily find your shared address

Embed PDFs and other assets

Super makes file embedding easy. If you want to show site visitors a PDF, embed an image or an illustration (take a look at our free illustrations), or share a project or file (like from your Google Drive, CodePen, Behance, and other sites), you can upload local files or embed using a link:

  1. Type the /embed command in your Notion page

  2. Choose Embed link to paste a link to your asset or Upload for local files on your device

  3. The linked or uploaded file will appear in your Notion and your Super site

If you are sharing a link, you can also:

  1. Copy and paste your URL directly in your Notion page

  2. Select Create embed from the popup window

Integrate video content

Videos can be compelling and drive more traffic to your site. Embed eye-catching videos on your Supers site with these simple steps:

  1. Type /video directly in your Notion page

  2. Paste URL to your video uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo or choose a local video upload on your device

Share your Tweet

You may have a Twitter post that takes off, or you may want to highlight a Tweet that mentions you for some social proof. You can embed a Tweet on your Super site:

  1. Press Share under your Tweet and click Copy link to Tweet

  2. Head back to your Notion page and either type /Tweet and paste your link in the field or paste it directly in your Notion page and select Embed Tweet

Add Tally forms

Tally offers no-code forms seamlessly integrated with Notion. You can embed those on your Super site, too:

  1. Create your Tally form and press Publish

  2. Head to Share tab and select the Standard option

  3. Customize the embed options

  4. Click Copy embed link

  5. Type the /embed command in your Notion page and paste the link you just copied. Done!

Sell digital or physical products using Gumroad online store

If you want to sell online, Gumroad can help you get started. It could be a course, digital files, or anything else — Gumroad handles your online store and payments. To add your Gumroad product or store to a Super site:

  1. Copy your Gumroad product or store profile URL

  2. Paste the link to your Notion page

  3. Select Create embed

Protect and monetize your content

If you want to earn from running a paid online community or teaching a course, you can create member-only access pages in your Notion and Super. All you need is a paid MemberSpace account to handle members, billing, drip-fed content, and more. Follow these steps to get set up.

You can find some membership set up guides here:

Adding your own fonts

Use the font embed code you get from Google and then set some CSS variables:

Here is how we got the code from google:

Add this code in the Head section of Code for your site:

<link rel="preconnect" href=""> <link rel="preconnect" href="" crossorigin> <link href=";700&family=Space+Grotesk:wght@300;400&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">

And this code in the CSS section

::root { --primary-font: 'Space Grotesk', sans-serif; !important; --secondary-font: 'Quattrocento', serif; !important; }

Note that there is no Light for Quattrocento so we used regular and bold.

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