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Creating your first site with Super and Notion
Creating your first site with Super and Notion

Overview of how Super and Notion work together to create your site.

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Super takes your Notion pages and turns them into a high-performing, fast, SEO-optimized website. And this means Super works a bit differently to Notion and other website builders.

How Super and Notion work together

In a nutshell, you manage your content in Notion, and manage your website in Super.

What's Notion? Notion is where your content lives

Notion is a powerful all-in-one app used to create documents, manage projects, organise content and so much more. Notion is also where the content for your site lives and is the place you spend most of your time when creating your site.

You use Notion to:

  • Manage your content

  • Update text, images and other media

  • Create site pages

  • Create your site layout and structure

Are you new to Notion? Visit their official getting started guide to learn more.


Super is where you make your website

Super is an online service allowing you to create and edit websites using your Notion account, no-coding required. Notion handles the content editing while Super handles everything else from the styling, the fast page caching, the SEO meta tags and the syncing your domain to your Notion pages.

Super works behind the scenes to turn your pages into a static webpage that is fast and has high performance but still stays in sync with Notion. You use Super to:

  • Deliver super fast web experience to your users

  • Add a domain to your website

  • Manage your site pages

  • Manage your site SEO settings

  • Customize the appearance of your site

Are you new to Super? Start with this guide to learn more and set up your first site.


Endless web possibilities with Super

There is no limit on what you can create with Super ⁠— all you need is an idea. Super gives you tools to build a powerful site with no coding skills needed, but you still have the option to customize further with custom code, too.

For inspiration, take a look at our Showcase sites, built by our users. You will notice that our users use their Super sites for a wide range of purposes:

  • Portfolio showcase

  • Personal site

  • Directory

  • Online store

  • Blog

  • Business, product, or services landing page

  • Documentation

  • Careers site

  • Membership page

If you want to get started with Super, you can create a free account today. Explore our features and tools and see if Super can help you bring your idea online.

How to create your site

How is Super better than other Website builders?

There are a few main differences between Super and other Notion website builders.

The key one is site performance, resilience and scalability - Super is built as a high-performance website platform that delivers content to your users superfast; and it’s incredibly scalable able to meet the traffic load of even the busiest sites; and it’s resilient against downtime with Notion. Many other Notion website builders rely on Notion in real time to render the page - this means they are slow and vulnerable to changes or downtime at Notion. Super builds a static version of your Notion content to avoid this.

Another key area of differentiation is the extent of our Notion compatibility. We support more blocks than all the other providers and are adding more every month. Notion is advancing very fast with new features, and because we are growing fast too, we have more ability to keep pace.

SEO performance is important for many creators, and our inbuilt SEO optimizations mean that your site is more likely to rank well in search engines like Google. Part of this is driven by the speed of Super sites, which has a big impact on SEO ranking. Also, our sites are responsive and mobile-ready out of the box.

As one of the first Notion website builders around and the one that has grown the fastest, Super is also in a strong position to ensure we can provide the best support and the best product in the market.

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