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How to connect a site to a sub folder like /blog
How to connect a site to a sub folder like /blog

Redirecting to a subfolder

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It’s possible to set up a site that is accessible via a sub folder - so instead of, you can have

You can use cloudflare to do this.

How to Reverse Proxy using Cloudflare

Cloudflare sits in front of both your normal site, and you Super site. If a page is requested underneath the path on which the Super site is connected, Cloudflare fetches the content from the Super site and returns it. Otherwise, it fetches it from

Webflow. This is all invisible to the end user.

A Cloudflare Worker does the content fetching and path re-writing. The worker also changes the HTML of the page so that the links point to the correct location and the Super site works correctly running on a path instead of / .

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