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Pages not displaying or 404 error
Pages not displaying or 404 error
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How to fix Page not Found errors on your Super site

The 404 error signifies that the page could not be found. There are three common reasons why a 404 error may occur on your Super site:

  1. The Notion page is not published on the web: This issue can be resolved by going to the Super dashboard, clicking on the three dots next to the error page, and selecting "View in Notion". This action will open a new tab with the page in Notion, where you can check the page's sharing status. If it's not published, you should enable the sharing status.

  2. The page is not a subpage of the homepage in Notion: After ensuring the page is published, the page also needs to be a subpage of the homepage connected to Super. If not, even after publishing, the 404 error will persist. This can be fixed by dragging the page onto the homepage in Notion, making it a subpage.

  3. The Notion page is in the trash: Lastly, if the page is in the trash, it won't be accessible. Restoring the page from the trash should resolve this issue.

In summary, to fix a 404 error, ensure the page is published, is a subpage of the homepage, and is not in the trash. If issues persist, please reach out to Super's support team.

What does a 404 error look like?

Sometimes you will find that a page in your site is not displaying or giving a 404 error.

How to check if Pages are subpages of the home page in Notion

Pages outside the main Notion page you have connected to Super will not be visible in Super for security reasons that prevent accidental publishing of your Notion pages in Super, even if those pages are Public pages.

Please check that the subpages you've added from Notion are actually subpages in Notion of your home page that you've linked to your Super site.

Once you move the page to become a subpage of the home page in Notion, the 404 error should go away. If it doesn't please contact support for assistance using the Intercom chat bubble.

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