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How to organise and manage pages and URLs in Super and Notion
How to organise and manage pages and URLs in Super and Notion
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Every subpage under the home Notion page that you've connected to Super can be detected by Super automatically and added to your site.

How to add pages to Super automatically

  1. Make sure that Sync URLs is turned on inside the Super Pages menu for your site. This will automatically detect any new subpages in Notion and add them to your site.

  2. Move the new page in Notion to be a subpage of the homepage

  3. Visit the parent page in your Super site. This will trigger Super to refresh the page and it will detect the new page and add it to your Super site.

How to add pages manually

If you don't want to have Sync URLs turned on for automatic page detection, you can add pages manually to Super.

  1. Copy the Notion Share URL of the page you want to add to Super.

  2. In Super, go to the Pages section of your site's dashboard and click Add new page where you want the new page to be

  3. Give the page a title and paste the Notion URL

If you get an error that the Notion page is already in use, then the page is already somewhere in the Page tree in Super. In this case, unfold the different pages in the list and look for the page in the page tree. If you cannot find the page, please contact support for assistance.

How to move pages

You can move pages in Super to give them different URLs and change the site structure.

  1. Go to the Pages section of your Super site dashboard

  2. Use the grab handles on the pages to drag and drop them where you want.

Moving a page like this will give the moved page a new URL path. The old URL will give a 404 error.

How to remove a page from Super completely

If you don't want that page in Super, move it out of the page in Notion, then remove the page in Super.

How to change the URL path to a page in Super

If you want your pages to be organised into a path/folder, create a page in Notion for that path (eg new-path), and when that syncs to Super, drag the pages you want in that "folder" to that new page. This will update the URL in Super for those pages to be

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