How is Super Different?

As one of the first Notion website builders around and has grown the fastest, Super is the best provider for you.

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There are a few main differences between Super and other Notion website builders.

The key one is site performance, resilience and scalability - Super is built as a high performance website platform that delivers content to your users superfast; and it’s incredibly scalable able to meet the traffic load of even the busiest sites; and it’s resilient against downtime with Notion. Many other Notion website builders rely on Notion in real time to render the page - this means they are slow and vulnerable to changes or downtime at notion. Super builds a static version of your Notion content to avoid this.

Another key area of differentiation is the extent of our Notion compatibility. We support more blocks than all the other providers and are adding more every month. Notion is advancing very fast with new features and because we are growing fast too, we have more ability to keep pace.

SEO performance is important for many creators, and our inbuilt SEO optimizations mean that your site is more likely to rank well in search engines like Google. Part of this is driven by the speed of Super sites, which has a big impact on SEO ranking. Also, our sites are responsive and mobile ready out of the box.

As one of the first Notion website builders around and the one that has grown the fastest, Super is also in a strong position to ensure we can provide the best support and the best product in the market.

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