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How to get Google to Index Your Site
How to get Google to Index Your Site

Enabling SEO options in Super is just the beginning. Here's how to tell Google about your site.

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You'll need a paid subscription for the SEO features of Super to be enabled.

In Super you can add page thumbnails for social sharing, Meta-Tags, page descriptions and titles that override the default settings. This information tells search engines about your page and helps them index it properly. Learn more here:

It’s also really useful when sharing links to your site so the link preview contains the most relevant and meaningful information about the page.

Tell Google about your site after enabling the SEO indexing option in Super. Google can only index what it knows about, and if you are building a new site, you’ve got to tell Google about your site so it can start to index it.

Ask Google to index your site by using the sitemap that comes with your paid Super site ( Take this URL and load it into Google Search Console.

It takes a while for Google to start this process, and over time it will start to build an index of your site.

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