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How to link to a part of a page (anchor links)
How to link to a part of a page (anchor links)

Linking to somewhere on the page (anchor links) is a bit fiddly. Here's how to make it work.

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There are two ways to Link to part of a page using anchor links.

Using block links in Notion

  1. In Notion, click on the three dots to the left of the block you want to link to and select copy link to block

  2. Next, select some text on the Notion page and paste the link - this will make a clickable text link that will go to the block on the page

This text link will work in Super and allow you to navigate to part of a page using text links.

Using block ID in Super

If you want to add a link from a Navbar or Menu, then you will need to use the Super URL and Block ID combination.

To link directly to a part of the page, you will need to find the block ID of the section you want to link to by using the developer tools and inspecting your Super site page's code.

  1. Open your Super site page in your browser

  2. Open the developer tools for the browser and use the web inspector to highlight the section of the page you want to link to.

  3. From the code inspector part of the developer tools, look for the id part of the code and copy the block-1230981238012938 sequence

Here I have selected the paragraph I want to link to and found the block ID in the highlighted line of code:

4. Then, make a full URL with that block ID using the URL of the page followed by the block ID with a # hash tag in front of it. Eg in this example the URL would be:

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