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How to work with Super's performance caching
How to work with Super's performance caching

While developing your site sometimes you'll need to refresh the CDN cache

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How Super sites update

Super creates a static version of your Notion page and caches it to deliver it super fast to your users and search engines.

In creating the static page, we manage the load on Notion, and we cache the static page in our Content Delivery Network. Also, the browser caches pages too.

Here's what's going on behind the scenes:

  1. Super sites are designed to stay up to date on demand which means that page updates are triggered by site visits.

  2. When you visit a site page, the Content Delivery Network refreshes the page cache in the background.

  3. When you refresh the page in your browser after about 5-10 seconds, you will see the new version of the page.

This approach delivers fast pages to maximise User Experience and SEO performance.

How to work with the performance cache

Page publishing updates are triggered by site visits or the dashboard refresh button, and one or two visits to the page will see any inconsistencies ironed out as the updated content and CSS is rolled out across the pages.

When you are developing a site, a page can be built by Super with a certain set of content and CSS code. This built page is published and cached to our Content Delivery Network, and if you're also browsing the site, it can also be cached by your browser.

If you see inconsistencies please perform two force refreshes on each page 5-10 seconds apart - one to trigger the background refresh of the page by Super and one to get the updated content to the browser.

This is what is happening behind the scenes: first is that visiting a page will get the content from the Content Delivery Network cache, so it is fast. If the cache is older than 5 sec, it will trigger a refresh of the CDN cache and pull the most recent content from Super. If you refresh the browser, the browser will pull the content from its cache. Doing a force refresh pulls the updated content from the CDN.

How to keep your site up to date

Super will keep your site up-to-date based on site visits. With frequent traffic to your site, the update becomes automatic and invisible.

If you need more control over when the content is published to your site, please consider using Manual Publishing feature of Super.

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